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Watsong Dec 19, 2012 @ 8:34am
A few things I did to improve the game experience
I strongly recommend customising the controls, even before beginning your first game. For many years now, players have been using W,A,S,D to control their FPS avatars and in some space games alongside mouse control. Rapid and effective ship speed control is essential to play this game. Unfortunately, speed controls were absurdly bound to Page Up/Down and the mouse wheel (it's hard to be precise when holding the left mouse button and moving a leading cursor at the same time as adjusting your speed).

I recommend:
W: Accelerate
S: Slow Down
Q: Change Weapon
Z,X,C: En. to shield, engine, cannon respectively.
R: Linked fire
V: Change camera

All other controls as per default.

Go to Options -> Gamplay and turn off "Targetting Assistance". This removes auto-aim from unguided weapons. Note that an active auto-aim doesn't necessarily help you to play - A ship that changes direction will avoid a shot that led the target. I believe that it offers a better gameplay experience when deactivated.

I also recommend turning off "Auto roll" in the same options screen. This helps you to keep your spatial awareness of the targets around you.

For those running the non-steam version, patches are available here:

1.1 patch fixes:
- important: save system changed, old saves will be no longer supported
- Gotterdamerung's disappearing parts fixed
- placing of cannons on Gotterdammerung changed
- additional ships near Gottendammerung's gate added
- wrong names of Zeppelins fixed
- explosion of Haunebu's cannons added
- Moon's map icon changed
- new map icons added
- outro clip improved
- HP of small meteors reduced
- new sounds for ship's engines and cannons added
- auto-target function added
- names of languages below flags added
- advanced graphic settings added

1.2 patch fixes:
- windows XP compatibility added
- nebula objects to space added
- meteors physics fixed
- ships descriptions in hangars added
- Katar sounds changed
- interface textures optimized
- additional markers for selected ships added

At the start, make use of linked fire mode, in order to maximise the impact of your aimed shots and to reduce the time spent accurately leading the target and exposing yourself to return fire. The rockets and missiles also greatly benefit from linked fire at this stage. Once your damage is sufficiently upgraded, consider switching to non-linked fire.

You begin the game in a rather skinny looking bomber class ship, which, of course, isn't good for dogfighting. Focus your play and upgrades on the Korean fighter, as soon as you receive it. Upgrade lasers 3 times and you can one shot light fighters with linked fire. Medium fighters die to one, linked fire, homing missile blast each.

Engine and weapon upgrades provide more energy capacity and, therefore, more health. Technically, using your afterburner drains your health, due to loss of energy.

Deactivate your afterburner when at 1Km or greater from the target, as it generates a lot of inertia.

When tracking a target that flew past you or off screen, cut your engine speed to minimise your turning circle and then adjust speed according to the target's movement once it is back in your sights. Try not to use the afterburner below 1Km range, due to the inertia it generates and the energy it drains. This doesn't apply to scrap collection or getting clear of capital ships.

Scrap expires after about a minute. As a result, you may find yourself playing as some kind of space gypsy/scavenger, watching each enemy/capital ship component go through their death throes, even in the heat of battle, in the hope that salvagable parts will remain after the explosion. Since you need scrap to make credits for ship upgrades, try to factor this in to the way that you engage each enemy. If you find that it begins to hurt your enjoyment of the game - make a decision: Choose to salvage fighters or capital ships and don't be concerned with scrap collection from the other type that you didn't choose. You can still get enough upgrades, even if you only collect half of the scrap that you encounter.

If you want more time to complete side missions, destroy the engines of any fleet of large ships and they will sit there in space until you are done. The spawning of enemies is partially trigger based. Be aware that allied ships may destroy them during this time.
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DariusOne Dec 19, 2012 @ 3:35pm 
Thanks for all this, good adivce/info all around.
naswinger May 26, 2013 @ 3:41pm 
I use a gamepad (the xbox 360 one, not sure if others work). usually, i prefer keyboard/mouse on pc, but i just couldn't get used to steering with the mouse. however, i couldn't find a way to re-map the buttons.
hgfbd Jul 12, 2013 @ 2:41pm 
skorne_tetzu Jul 15, 2013 @ 9:57pm 
Does anyone have problems with the Mouse Sensitivity??? I'm having the worse time controlling my ship, the slightest move in any direction, and the ship is gone. And trying to stop (turning) is even worse; making aiming almost impossible.

I've played Freelancer which was Mouse Steering and I have no problem with it; but this is just too far gone.

Right now I only have the demo; but I really want to buy this game; but not if I can't play it.
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Watsong Jul 17, 2013 @ 6:23am 
Have you tried "Settings -> Gameplay -> Mouse sensitivity slider" in the options menu? How does that work for you? There, hopefully, is a sensitivity that balances your ability to change direction quickly enough vs the need to make small adjustments for aiming.
skorne_tetzu Jul 17, 2013 @ 10:20am 
Yes... I adjusted the sensitivity in both directions; in one direct it was less sensitive, but got worse for stopping the ships turn and changing direction. I tried to find a happy balance, but there was none. I am using a wireless mouse if that makes a difference; but I don't think it should.
Watsong Jul 18, 2013 @ 2:21am 
I shall reinstall the game and poke around to see what I can find.

EDIT: All I can offer, is that first person camera handles differently to the third person camera. You might find it more suitable for controlling the ship, but it may not be to your graphical preference.
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skorne_tetzu Jul 18, 2013 @ 7:24pm 
Thanks for the info... it actually helped some. And by continuing to tweak the Mouse Sensativity it is almost actually playable. But yes... chagng the view from 3rd to 1st help quite a bit. I'm still using the Demo Version; and this actually seems like a fun game; but still not steady enough for $20 bucks - lol.

I've been watching some YouTube Game Play, and I know I should have more control; and it takes too long to take out a squadron because of it... but I'm going to keep trying to perfect it.

Out of curiously; do you know what those red dots about the Targetting Diamond is? I've really haden't noticed them when I was playing; but while watching the videos, sometimes there is 1 and other times 2, 3 or 4 red dots. Just wondering what those are?
Watsong Jul 19, 2013 @ 9:25am 
The red dot is the active weapon port. For example, a dual laser will have 2 dots. One will be lit, and when you fire your weapon - the other dot will light red to indicate that it will fire next. If you link your weapons' fire, all of the dots will become red. In practice, it's useful for visually seeing which fire mode you have currently set your weapons to.
Blackjack Jul 20, 2013 @ 3:33pm 
Freelancer wasn't mouse-only steering, it supported all controls. Personally, I used joystick.
MAin thing to enchance experience her is to add joystick support.. controls made that it even not possible to use special driver to remap joystick to keyboard and use that/ Authors call this game action.. but essentially it's old school flight simulator - like xwing or deep space , but lacks joystick support
PeliasDeWizzzrd Jan 22, 2015 @ 1:42pm 
There is a way to apply joystick by using the " x360ce vibmod ". Vidmod is a FANTASTIC small software tool that tricks almost any game that the whatever-axis-equipment you have connected at your USB port is a 'X-Box 260' gamepad, and it allows you to alocate whatever button or axis you like to whatever button of the imaginary 'X360' gamepad your game thinks you have installed.
Just 3 minutes ago, I managed to fly with my saitek X52 in Iron Sky this way.
Since at posts replies there is a character limit, I will start a new post in Iron Sky steam comunity forum, explaining a bit the prosedure to use vibmod and the joystick setup I used to have 'fire' at my 'rtiger' etc.
I will name the post " ((SOLUTION)) - Joystick Implementation At Iron Sky Invasion Game "
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