Picolo Dick Jun 22, 2013 @ 10:16am
Moar Glitches
nothing too major, you get rizen up a small amount when you start a pile drive attack, meaning you can squeeze in to a 1x1 block i assume your not supposed to be able to. this removes a few of the mini challanges some rooms can pose to you. in addition you can nearly get through the roof of the floor you are on through solid blocks

i wouldnt have said anything except for the game ruining effect this can have. due to the nature of this glitch. there is one room so far as i know that has water tiles roofed tiles (could have been thin roof tiles?) this was the room where you fight the set spawn of 4 frogs underwater. i had flippers at the time, and i mannaged to use the piledrive jump repetition to get through the roof to outside the tower. this breaks the game and ruins it.

great game, lookingforward to more content
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Megadev  [developer] Jun 22, 2013 @ 6:01pm 
Ah, I think I know what this is - if you're holding down then your height is effectively halved, but I really should have been checking the animation frame rather than simply checking if "down" is being held or not. I've just tweaked this so I'll be interested to see if you can still repeat this bug in the next update...which will be arriving in the near future. :) Thanks for the bug report!
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