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DanDesNeiges 2013年2月22日 16時05分
TB likes this game
TotalBiscuit likes this games acording to his Wtf is. I think this should be mentionned.
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Am4tic 2013年2月22日 22時38分 
Good for him?
Xaionik 2013年2月22日 22時52分 
That means more exposure for the game...for what its worth.
Kittah 2013年2月22日 23時05分 
Not to insult him too much, really like the guys videos, but man it's kinda painful to watch him play it. Glad he sees what a gem the game is, though, certainly will get more exposure to it.
alf 2013年2月23日 2時08分 
той е дебел и плешив и дебел
Schmutz 2013年2月23日 3時51分 
It's even more painful to watch him play puzzle platformers :D

Really like his videos on all these indiegames. Makes me spend a lot of money, though :X
DNI 2013年2月23日 5時13分 
Good for exposure, but TB is an awful person and an even worse gamer. He is so out of place in him "job". People should stop watching him and start watching someone more worthy of having his role in the gaming community.
zeroxxx 2013年2月23日 5時58分 
Who the ♥♥♥♥ is he and why should I hear his opinions prior to purchasing a game?
Mancomb Seepgood 2013年2月23日 8時20分 
People having aversions to appreciating other's opinions is so weird. It's like some people just have this need to prove that they can think for themselves. Come on... just take it for what it is: someone that gets a lot of views is giving this game more exposure which can only be a good thing. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. If you're not interested in other's opinions, then don't watch/read and no harm done.

That being said, I actually really like the few TB videos I've checked out and it's always a chance to see a lot of gameplay from something I may not have even heard of. His video actually really made me want to check out City of Steam.
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