Super House of Dead Ninjas

lukid 2013年2月18日上午9:19
Hi, I just bought this game (looking forward for gamedpad support) and I was wondering if you were planning to port it to GNU/Linux aswell someday? I know a lot of people who would buy it right now if it was playable on GNU/Linux, playing through Wine is kinda lame.
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iamoverrated 2013年2月18日上午9:45 
I second this! I would love to see this on Linux or in a HiB.
baizon 2013年2月18日上午9:48 
°•👽 Louna 👽•° 2013年2月18日上午10:05 
I can't even manage to run Steam on Linux to get TUX (the item in TF2) , it won't install. BUT if i manage to install it someday, whcih probably say never... i would totally be happy to play it on Linux.

I second this!
scrawl 2013年2月18日上午10:24 
Would buy if there was linux support.
cbrunos455 2013年2月18日上午10:42 
if linux_support:
return buy
WienerWuerstel 2013年2月18日上午11:22 
I would also like to see a Port if it's reasonable. I don't know which Engine you Guys are using so I don't know how hard it would be to port the Game to Linux (or even Mac).
[LINUX] RyuzakiKK 2013年2月18日上午11:24 
murr4y 2013年2月18日下午12:17 
Count me in!
dahlgren 2013年2月18日下午1:50 
+1 for Linux
bl33ding_silence 2013年2月18日下午2:06 
Would love if it came out on Linux!
akmelius 2013年2月18日下午2:25 
+1 for Linux.
Mohero 2013年2月18日下午3:37 
I'll add my support for linux, too. It'll be the only way i buy it now...
abandoned 2013年2月18日下午6:07 
+1 linux
Yulike 2013年2月18日下午6:44 
Please. :)
alki_Linux 2013年2月19日上午1:22 
Would definitely buy if ported to Linux.
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