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Typhoon 2013年3月17日 6時49分
How do I delete the custom maps I've made?
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Megadev  [開発者] 2013年3月17日 14時06分 
Are you talking about deleting locally stored maps, or maps that you've published?
Typhoon 2013年3月17日 14時06分 
Locally stored maps
nunya beezwax 2013年3月18日 11時24分 
Ide also like to know, recently created a map but since its my first one I didnt wanna publish it, it was more of a test
Megadev  [開発者] 2013年3月18日 12時49分 
Well published maps can be deleted through the Steam client, but I'm not yet sure how to delete local files - I'll try to build that functionality in to the next update.
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