bFusion 16. maalis, 2013 17.35
Transdimensional Leakage
I just played an hour and a half long game. I had to stop because my hands got sore. Was over 100 million points though.

To be honest, it was incredibly easy. Once you have all the powerups, all the monsters drop (quite often with the Rabbit's Foot) is bonus and hearts. There are so many monsters you are constantly in rage from boss to boss.

One question I have is how the hell do you get the Steam achievement Gold Digger? I would have figured that by now I've collected 100 of those treasures. It's the only achievement I have left...

Edit: Proof: ... it wouldn't let me upload before.
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rpgamer987 16. maalis, 2013 21.57 
I've had runs like that before, in Abarghus' Domain. Haven't had the chance/time to do it there. I'd wager Domain might be a bit tougher, without the breathers at the boss fights. But still, super fun. GG
bFusion 17. maalis, 2013 7.04 
rpgamer987 lähetti viestin:
I'd wager Domain might be a bit tougher, without the breathers at the boss fights.

It is much harder because after you beat Disgust you get reset back to full health. Getting to the 1000th floor of Domain just drops you back at the top.
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AYY LMAOO 18. maalis, 2013 1.33 
my god
jam 19. maalis, 2013 11.32 
Yeah I also would of figured ive collected 100 Treasures by now. Perhaps a glitch?
Sriracha[Muted] 23. maalis, 2013 0.59 
Nice, my Transdimensional record is 10.8M points, 1 hour played, and 7000 kills.
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