T-Money Feb 21 @ 6:23pm
The letters
Can someone tell me what the coloured letters you pick up do please?
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CoolAbedFilms Feb 21 @ 6:33pm 
Once you have all of the letters, you get a ticket to another tower called "Transdimensional Leakage".
T-Money Feb 22 @ 4:31am 
oh cool, thanks!
[kabrňák] Woodbin Feb 23 @ 4:15pm 
How many of them are there?
darkmetaknight Feb 23 @ 6:06pm 
I think it's when you get like 5-10 of them (doesn't matter the letter) you get an attempt at a different tower, this new tower is quite a bit more difficult, so train up before doing it. (like at least be able to get to the second Minion from the top.)
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MasterLuigi452 Feb 23 @ 8:52pm 
It is spelled as :"Where am I?" and without space in between.
Ninja Stu Feb 23 @ 9:27pm 
Also, once you get all of them in a run they will be replaced with a little ticket at the top left of the screen.

They drop randomly, but on most runs you should get them all by reaching the last boss.
Toxic Ghost Mar 14 @ 7:42pm 
I was wondering what it say.
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