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Hidden Vendors
by TheRaptorPack
How to find the hidden vehicle vendors in Defiance...
ALL Data recorders locations v1.7 (last update: patch 1.026)
by Faalagorn
This guide is a comprehensive list of all the data recorders that can be found in game, along with screenshots with exact map location and location in game world. It features all Mount Tam, Madera, Marino, Sausalitio and San Francisco recorders as well as...
Lexinator's Defiance guide for the new player. Have a question? The answer is probably here.
by Lexinator
I have been playing Defiance since launch, and while I am not yet close to the 5000 EGO cap, I think my experience can help others avoid the mistakes I made. Having completed the entire game, and participated in many PvP matches, as well as co-op missions...
Easy Extra Rewards
by Malific
This guide is no longer useful. Defiance has canceled the an Ark Hunter Training Program on their website with the free to play transition. It had allowed the unlocking of extra in game rewards for your account, this guide shows you the quickest way you c...
New Comers Guide to Defiance
by [DnA] Yamabushi
This guide is to help all new comers to the world of Paradise....
Scope Style Guide
by Calsetes
Work in progress: This guide will attempt to show you each scope's viewstyle - "what you see when you aim" - as well as listing what bonus is granted by that scope for each weapon type. I'll attempt to update this when I can, but be warned that it may...
Easy Leveling 'n Stuff
by (SK^GI)*Skullripper
The leveling system from Defiance is really something. It's a lot different from the usual games. In this guide I will tell you all about the ways to level your character. I will share my secrets with you and more. Continue reading and get ready to be...
[Video guide] Fastest BMG and weapons leveling
by Faalagorn
This is a guide on how to level BMG really quick in Defiance MMO. It was recorded when the +25% weapon training bonus was on. Forges are the best way to level up your weapon, as they have high HP, as well as, unlike as hulkers, a really high crit mult...
Beginner guide to Defiance weapons & mods
by PlaneWalker
Update: I have split the guide into different sections to make it easier to navigate. On the first read-through though, i recommend reading it from A to Z, as things are gradually introduced. This guide is about some of the things the tutorial doesn't...
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