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Lexinator's Defiance guide for the new player. Have a question? The answer is probably here.
by Lexinator
I have been playing Defiance since launch, and while I am not yet close to the 5000 EGO cap, I think my experience can help others avoid the mistakes I made. Having completed the entire game, and participated in many PvP matches, as well as co-op missions...
Ответы почти на все вопросы!
by MirPis
установка модов на оружие и прочее..
by varsi
установка модов на оружие и прочее.. (в помощь начинающим за отсутствием русского интерфейса) P.S. Если чем можем дополняем, помогаем...
Scope Style Guide
by Calsetes
Work in progress: This guide will attempt to show you each scope's viewstyle - "what you see when you aim" - as well as listing what bonus is granted by that scope for each weapon type. I'll attempt to update this when I can, but be warned that it may...
Synergies (или "сеты" лучшего оружия)
by Allodiz Grigory
Практически у любого оружия в игре есть своя синергия. ...
Nano Effects (Нано Эффект)
by Allodiz Grigory
В DLC Arktech Revolution были изменены принципы действия абсолютно всех нано эффектов. Я расскажу каким именно образом они работают теперь ...
Все возможные бонусы для Defiance
by K0teUnderNarkote™
Гайд будет дополнятся....
[Video guide] Fastest BMG and weapons leveling
by Faalagorn
This is a guide on how to level BMG really quick in Defiance MMO. It was recorded when the +25% weapon training bonus was on. Forges are the best way to level up your weapon, as they have high HP, as well as, unlike as hulkers, a really high crit mult...
Beginner guide to Defiance weapons & mods
by PlaneWalker
Update: I have split the guide into different sections to make it easier to navigate. On the first read-through though, i recommend reading it from A to Z, as things are gradually introduced. This guide is about some of the things the tutorial doesn't...
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