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How to get legendary guns?
by RobiTheMaster
In this guide I will show you how to get fast and easy a lot of legendary guns using keycodes....
Easy Leveling 'n Stuff
by (SK^GI)*Skullripper
The leveling system from Defiance is really something. It's a lot different from the usual games. In this guide I will tell you all about the ways to level your character. I will share my secrets with you and more. Continue reading and get ready to be...
La Survie dans un call of duty
by Neo Makedo
Bonjour , je me nomme Hunter RyDer, je joue sur Pc et Xbox 360 . Je vais essayer de vous présenter mes techniques de jeu pour vous améliorer sur Call of Duty . Personnellement , j'ai débuté sur cod 1 , certes je ne suis pas un joueur de longue dat...
[Arion] Guide To Recources
by Arion
Describing All Recources In Defiance And How To Get Them...
New Comers Guide to Defiance
by [DnA] Yamabushi
This guide is to help all new comers to the world of Paradise....
DyDekuso's Chamber Arena: Guide For Gold Medal
by The-Guardian
DyDekuso's Chamber Arena: Guide For Gold Medal Preview Video Below DyDekuso's Chamber Arena For Gold Medal With the Same Attempt you can;t go wrong with the Following S...
Hidden Vendors
by TheRaptorPack
How to find the hidden vehicle vendors in Defiance...
Beginner guide to Defiance weapons & mods
by PlaneWalker
Update: I have split the guide into different sections to make it easier to navigate. On the first read-through though, i recommend reading it from A to Z, as things are gradually introduced. This guide is about some of the things the tutorial doesn't...
[Video guide] Fastest BMG and weapons leveling
by Faalagorn
This is a guide on how to level BMG really quick in Defiance MMO. It was recorded when the +25% weapon training bonus was on. Forges are the best way to level up your weapon, as they have high HP, as well as, unlike as hulkers, a really high crit mult...
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