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MrCrispy Aug 29, 2013 @ 7:26am
Error Loading Shaders
The following steps may help troubleshoot this problem and allow you to launch Ace of Spades:

1. Check the Minimum System Requirements
If you have never played Ace of Spades before on your system, it is crucial to double-check the system requirements to determine if your system can run the game. The minimum system requirements can be found on the Ace of Spades page in the Steam Storefront.

2. Verify Your Game Cache Files
Please see the Verifying GCF Cache Files topic for instructions to ensure game cache file corruption is not the source of the crash.

3. Drivers
See the Updating Drivers topic for instructions to ensure your system is using the appropriate/ drivers for your current video card.

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Ace of Spades > Support > Topic Details