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LeadGen Feb 18, 2014 @ 10:25am
Zombies to up!
its very simple i think Zombies is to op,

I was playing in the beginning of this games history, where zombies had to dig just to get 100 stone.... now they got instanly 1000... In old time there were possibilities to use diffrent tacs, one could make a fortress, and try def it, other would just try kite the zombie, and some of us liked to make a base far fra away in the water so we were able to see the zoombies from far far away..
A1. I´m gonna hold on in the last one a bit... you see players kinda evolved with those stretegies, so did Zombies, it were not long before some started to make cover, bit by bit, and I were always running on adrenalin, since we actually had a battle, ofc he might had to turn around a few times, to get health, block, but ehhh i wasen´t running anywere, just trying to headshot some zombies... as time went on those covers would came dangerous close, and if i were´t awake i´ll be dead... But man what a nice "fight"...

A2, .today, they just spam blocks everywere, and are imposseble to nearly get a hit on, until they are right up your face, or they can affort to build 1000 briges across the map, on top of you base, and just jump down to you, and you dont have much time as a player to try and stop them...

Basicly what im trying to say... there is to many blocks in everyones bag. i´ts in my opinions simply to big an amount...

B1. example 2: one upon a time we could stand on a mauntain feeling rather secure, untill some zombie got digget his way up, and the odds were depending on how he played or how many he had with him...
B2. today they just build what looks like a Zombie mauntain, next to ouers and jump down on us...

giving the zombies power to get anywere verfy fast has for me ruined the game..

they need a block nerf...

perhabs we all do..
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gamerzap Feb 18, 2014 @ 10:55am 
I prefer the new Zombie mode. It was WAY too easy before. Before, one Miner could easily fight off 4 zombies. Now you have to actually work together as a team and use the zombies disadvantages to your advantage to win. Here are their disadvantages:

They only have prefabs, not a block tool, and their prefabs are rather hard to use, especially if they are trying to climb something. This tends to slow down their building and leave them vulnerable, especially if the survivors have a height advantage.

They have no ranged attacks at all. If you keep zombies at a distance, they can't get you. If you make sure you can see the places zombies could come from when you build defenses, you can protect yourself from them before they get close.

They take double damage from headshots. Make sure to aim for their head. This is especially important for weapons that already focus on headshots, such as the pistol or the rifles (against a zombie, the pistol would do 20 damage with body shots and 100 with headshots).
LeadGen Feb 20, 2014 @ 4:40am 
I still think they got to many block, i personal dont mind them to be able to use block tool, i just think they got to many blocks, that combined with 1 ,2, 3 + zombies becomes london brige in it self, or Mount Everest... in the old game you had a chance of destroying thier building when they went to fets stones, but now they just swam Up/over to you in 1 "jump".
and even with the old gameset 14 zombies was hard to kill, ( i give you the miner was very up, if played right), but sniper´s weren´s if a zombie could zigzag..
but we could atleast try stall thier progress, today it feels like were just getting overrunned.

there are 2day only few tacs to survival, and most of those fails, even defending each others fail more often than it wins....

perhabs this would´t be to up, if we were alloued to make custom blockmodels to use...

But in my deepest respeckt for the funness of this game, i still think that nomatter what, there are to many blocks

and what are the block cannon doing in the engineers hands ??
i know the glider was up, but just shorten the flight distance instead of removing it... -_-
and then give the miner his gun back...
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