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[SHED]Kitril Jun 20, 2014 @ 4:35pm
Prefabs still lagging?
Do prefab structures still lag the game out or has that been resolved? Is this game still getting any development?
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ohayoubaka Jun 20, 2014 @ 5:29pm 
There hasn't been any updates for almost a year, if you don't count the dedicated server beta (which does have that problem solved). Let's just say that this game is probably developed by one guy at Jagex in his lunch breaks, because unless that is the case, there's not really any good reason for the development to be so slow, and blind because they throw almost every good suggestion in the bin.
[SHED]Kitril Jun 24, 2014 @ 11:17am 
That's a real shame. This game has got to be an incredibly simple platform to develop new content for. They could have further adjusted Classic to be more like BnS, further balanced and developed the other modes, and EASILY hosted monthly community votes on user-made levels to add into the game as new/free content.

Hell, I don't really get why they put so much effort into the builder tools if they weren't going to try and do something with it. Very odd.

At this point they have likely decided that "they have made their money" on this title - that or they're developing a sequel (that most of us probably will not be interested in after this abandonment). Really big bummer. As much as I liked classic, Zombies was just a blast and I had a riot with it until the prefab lag.
ohayoubaka Jun 24, 2014 @ 2:01pm 
I doubt they got much money, Jagex must have paid a good sum of money to Ben Aksoy to give the rights of his game (Ace of Spades) over to Jagex. I somehow doubt with it's amount of 100-500 players a day, the game has made much sales. Plus most people buy this game when it goes on sale (it goes on sale every Steam season sale), so Jagex don't get as much profit per sale then.

They could have added the mounted-machine gun that mat^2 was going to add when they made a beta of a new OpenGL version Ace of Spades (it wasn't under the Jagex name yet, and it's probably what current Ace of Spades is based on).

Classic CTF doesn't need any balancing, aside from some of the maps like the Classic map (a fake classicgen map), one side has a lot more land than the other. The weapons don't need balancing, after all everyone has the same set of weapons.

It would be a cool idea for Jagex to add user-created maps to official servers too.

It's not like Jagex is going to read any of this anyway.
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