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No One Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:25am
How Do You Deligate Work?
Just curious as to how you folks deligated your workload between gnomes.
I'm still tweaking my set-up, so I was really just looking into other options to gain some insight.
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D3s_ToD3s Jun 17, 2013 @ 1:57pm 
Keep in mind: The following jobs hav still Hauling, even if i dont mention it.

I removed the Horticulture-Job from the Woodcutter
And added it to pretty much everyone else.
So everyone except the woodcutter will take clipings and while they are doing that the woodcutter can start ... cutting wood
And while the cutter cuts, the rest can plant new trees.
If you use massive amounts of Wood, like i do, that saves a bit of time.

I have a specialist for Cooking, the chef and one for brewing, the brewer.
They will most of the time do those jobs because they do it till they reach a full Stock of 512. of each destillery- and each kitchen-product

I have a Specialist for Blacksmithing, One for armoring and one for weponsmithing.
So they can learn the job to make better stuff in the lategame. Everyone has the Smelting-Job, so they can make coal if needed.
I also have specialized smelters who do only that.

I dont use a specialized engineer.
Thats the stuff my builders do. They reset traps and make new ones.
They also tinker.
Thats because they will just waste theyre time with hauling if there isnt anything to build atm.
Bad thing: Resetting traps sometimes takes longer if there is a lot designated to build.
Countering that: Raise the mashining-priority

I have a Job named "Keeper". The only thing they do is Hauling and doctoring.
Its kinda pointles, because they are my guarding-squads and do train theyre skills all day long.
(Giving the hand/hand-gnome the Name "Gate" after its own name has a funny effect.
Same for my firing-squad members... named them "Range"
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Pierre Kirby Jun 17, 2013 @ 10:58pm 
Thanks for the tip on Woodcutting, my that is much faster.
D# Jun 17, 2013 @ 11:26pm 
Every one of my gnomes is a specialist in a specific task or close group of skills - but all have the hauling skill and a few only haul. Select a gnome and think about what exactly you want this gnome to do then give it only those skills - the fewer the better- if you have enough. Then prioritise the skills you gave him in the order you want them done.

Name - skills - pri
Miner - Mining/builder/hauler skills -> Mining/build/haul/all other tasks
Rancher - Husbandry/Butcher/Hauling ->Pasture/Workshop/Hauling/all other tasks
Warrior - Doctor/Hauling-> Doc/Hauling/all other tasks (kept busy patroling or training so never hauls)
Chef- Cooking/Hauling-> Ag/hauling/all others (assigned to kitchen with 1 pri set)
greywolf00 Jun 18, 2013 @ 5:59am 
For me,

Cook: Cook + Brewing
Miner: Mining, Smelting, Hauling
Medic: Tinkering/Hospital (have the Tinkering workstation right by the hospital)
Weaver: Tailor, Leatherworking, Bonecarving
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