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C8-H10-N4-O2 Jun 13, 2013 @ 11:04am
so is this game worth it
is it good ?
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Riggertrigger Jun 13, 2013 @ 11:05am 
yes hours of gameplay and very frequently updates.
Marco Sadowski Jun 13, 2013 @ 11:06am 
if you know how to play this game... i think.... yes.
Emt3225 Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:05pm 
I bought this game a couple a days ago and loving it.. I'm learning as i go along.. Start small and have fun :)
Flozem Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:05pm 
Even at full price. At 3,49 EUR it's a steal...
Oplindenfep Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:07pm 
Not worth it!
I got it with the half-off deal, so it's not a very large deal, but it's not even worth the 4 bucks, trust me!
Flozem Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:09pm 
Careful - trolls.
[10th]Vegetarian Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:31pm 
i cannot get onto it
[10th]Vegetarian Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:32pm 
keeps crashing
dsrux Jun 13, 2013 @ 12:51pm 
How the hell do you play this?
Valensia Jun 13, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
Originally posted by Flozem:
Careful - trolls.

Dont post the same boring joke in every discussion...
D3s_ToD3s Jun 13, 2013 @ 2:15pm 
Originally posted by Oplindenfep:
Not worth it!
I got it with the half-off deal, so it's not a very large deal, but it's not even worth the 4 bucks, trust me!
Yes! Trust him because he(or she, i duno him/her^^) has played about one hour of the game.

mrsopkip Jun 13, 2013 @ 2:20pm 
it has a learning curve, a very stong learning curve! if you want an easy to pick up game, do not buy it!
Sic VitaEst Jun 13, 2013 @ 2:26pm 
So is this a good game for my kids ? no idea what this is. Looks like a webbrowser game or something. Just want some serious respond about if this game is any good.
Will it keep them busy for a while or they'll get bored of it in a matter of hours ?
EzraFitch Jun 13, 2013 @ 2:31pm 
About 2 hours in and after spending the first hour and a half trying to figure out how to get my gnomes to dig a hole without getting stuck, my only designated fighter (being started with only one weapon) died after bleeding to death fighting the first "honey badger" that showed up. I couldn't build a bed to heal him becaues I couldn't make a basic workbench because I couldn't get my gnomes to dig more than two squares deep without getting stuck.

The game needs to work on pathing hardcore. It also wouldn't hurt to have a tutorial.
Jewish Overlord Jun 13, 2013 @ 2:34pm 
Oooh Yes. They are adding features in every week and it is better than many $30 games I have bought. I bought them and quit playing, I keep playing this on and off all the time. Even though it is an Alpha it is still more stable than most games released by EA games.

If you see this at $4 buy it, its worth it. I am thinking of getting a friend into this at this price.
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