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Ogam Dec 3, 2013 @ 12:09pm
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Console commands work by binding commands in DefaultInput.ini. You can see Kat and Johnny's models by using 'Show Collision'.

Regarding using console commands that lets exploring the world a lot easier, there's still some pot holes left such as above the cinema building to fall into it and skipping that portion of the game completely.

I noticed in act 3 a lot of the invisible walls have been removed at Didi's house, though with the game's normal movement the player shouldn't be able to get back there either way.

Act 2 there is an out of bounds spot at the right side of the ship's entrance. Going up the pipes there's a small area where Dawn can squeeze through to get under the ship. (Next to white waves, above pipes)

Seems like you can still do Carousel twice after reloading when on 1/2 repairs left after completing it once.
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Compulsion  [developer] Dec 3, 2013 @ 1:43pm 
Thanks Ogam!

First of all, 72 hours on Contrast? You're some sort of machine. Hats off to you!

Console commands: We'll discuss internally - nice catch though.

Cinema skip: Other people have mentioned that the cinema skip is very difficult to achieve now - what are your thoughts on how easy this is?

Act 3 Didi's house: Invisible walls haven't been changed - but either way, because players can't actually get there playing normally, we won't be changing this.

Act 2 out of bounds: Again, we'll probably leave that one. If it's players really trying to get out of the world, there will always be places where they can. Given that we can't work on the game forever, we'll probably let this one stay, too.

Carousel: we're not overly concerned about this. While it's a bug, very few people are encountering it in normal playthroughs, and it's not frustrating them.

The main consideration for all of this is that we can't fix everything (no game is bug free), and we're probably not going to fix things that aren't really impacting people's gameplay. Box glitches where you drop it and get stuck and have to reload: that's something we'll fix. Out of bounds that allows people to wander around a bit: probably not.

- Sam
Ogam Dec 3, 2013 @ 2:34pm 
Skipping the cinema through the roof you most likely won't encounter it in a normal run through unless you want find more easter eggs hidden through out the level.

I forgot to note, in Act 3 you can still fly by grabbing the ball in the workshop and trying to leave with it. I put a video in the other glitch thread. Here it is again This is something someone might find if they want to mess around on the first playthrough though.

Act 3 Lighthouse Room 1 still has areas where you can shift into the wall where light isn't visible, second floor next to the door, you can get up to the second floor without triggering the light switch. There are a few ways to get into that shadow and skip the whole puzzle all together, by hopping between the shadows after walking into the light house (Above the entrance) or using an invisible cube that's slightly infront of the light source for the first room. All of this is without triggering the light switch. 8:10 for Light House, This is from 11173 but it still works on 11221.

Bug Free would be amazing for feat for anything, but most of the time it adds to the charm.
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ssv_170379 Dec 3, 2013 @ 5:56pm 
Third chapter. Some minor visual artifacts encountered: - occasionly may gets "empty" but next second turns solid again. it is unstable. (English is not my native so I may be wrong here) - moving forth and back causes constantly reloading small photograps (only them), and they are noticeably blurring during that process.
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Compulsion  [developer] Dec 4, 2013 @ 9:58am 
Thanks guys. Just acknowledging that we've seen them - changing them is way more trouble than it's worth right now. Although, that Lighthouse skip is just amazing, ten points to you!

Oh, except for the floating boxes. That'll be fixed up in the next patch.

- Sam
Ogam Dec 5, 2013 @ 6:28am 
The interactable rotating lights at the light house box puzzle 2 can be rotated 360 degrees in yaw, also when focusing then removing control with these lights, the focal zone is still reduced. Not sure if this was doable in 11173, I'll have to find my backed up client to check.
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