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Uncharted Waters Online

pico_76 Oct 25, 2013 @ 7:32am
NET MARBLE service and all related app for UWO will cease to work in the end ot november.All players with no steam account will be able to migrate to new GAMA server. What about Steam players ? Aweird notes says on the site:
" Please be noted: Upon closing Uncharted Waters Online from Netmarble; the closure will reflect on Steam and AsiaSoft."
I m going to lose my lvl 60 character ? there is some Steam support could give some instruction about this or simply nobody care about it ? i appreciate other people opinion being in same condition.
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Alex Oct 26, 2013 @ 6:49am 
I doubt we steam player will lose our chars. Steam is just another way of downloading the game. We just cannot use Steam anymore after the migration, so we have to use the new launcher and migrate to the new publisher.
I had the same question and couldn't find a straight answer anywhere -- even the Netmarble GMs seem to be clueless. So this morning I uninstalled UWO from Steam (Library >> Right-click UWO >> "Delete Local Content"), then went to the Netmarble site and downloaded the standard (non-Steam) UWO client (about 3 GB).

After installing, I opened the Netmarble launcher, logged in with my existing Netmarble account, spent some time updating to the current UWO version (actually had to restart the launcher for this to happen), and was sent straight into the game -- completely seamless. Logged in to GAMA, picked my character, and continued playing. The only differences were that some of my display settings had been reset to their defaults, and as far as I can tell the new launcher doesn't remember my password, only my username. But everything else is pretty much identical to the Steam experience.

This tells me two things:
  • First, Ralexand is probably right: Steam is essentially a frontend for UWO, so there's no reason to think that moving away from Steam will impact account data (including characters, items, etc.). The weird message on the Netmarble site is probably trying to say that the closure will mean you can no longer play the game via Steam. No real problem there. The OGP migration process probably won't even know or care how you launch the game itself; it will just take care of the account data. So Steam players shouldn't need to do anything until the actual migration takes place.

  • Second, if you're still paranoid about the process, you should be able to go through the same steps that I did to switch from Steam to the 'vanilla' Netmarble client. Then you'll be in the same boat as most of the rest of the player population, and you'll be no worse off than anybody else come migration time.

Hope this info helps anyone else who may have similar concerns.
Alex Oct 28, 2013 @ 10:17am 
Yes, this, thank you! :D

edit: I hope you don't mind if I add you as friend? I'm still quite new in UWO and you seem like someone who played it a lot xD
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Rammur Oct 30, 2013 @ 3:27am 
you not gonna lose ya character steam doesnt own the server they are just a 3rd party for distribution basically lol
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