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Bubka3  [developer] Apr 26, 2014 @ 6:24pm
Thanks for playing with me and Maxx at the event!
Hi everyone,

Me and Maxx had a blast playing with you today, despite the technical issues and the stream at the very last minute!

Here's the stream archive:

If you have any suggestions for future events, let me know in the comments! We'll have streams working from the begining, and plugin enforced anti-rejoin at future events.

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?! Apr 26, 2014 @ 6:19pm 
To the developers from todays Expo: "What questions do you have for us, the players?"
Awesome developer expo today! Pne question I really wanted to ask all Dev.'s, but didn't get a chance, was "What questions do you have for us, the players?"

So, to Maxx and the rest, what would you like to know?
No. 2 Apr 26, 2014 @ 6:37pm 
I had a wonderful time playing and watching the dev's interact with the community. If you were to do it again I would surely participate. Keep up the great work and thanks for the awesome game.
MarioElizarraraz Apr 27, 2014 @ 1:53am 
Mario would like more of these!
Rock (Banned) Apr 27, 2014 @ 4:11am 
Sucks that I missed this,I hate timezones,but good to see that it was a nice time.
I had a great time playing with you guys!
eIbydpI Apr 27, 2014 @ 10:36am 
I want to feel your axe. ;)
(but seriously, the event was awesome!)
|NMRiH Dev| Maxx  [developer] Apr 27, 2014 @ 12:10pm 
I had an amazing time playing with all of you! It was a real blast, thank you so much for taking the time to play with me guys! I hadn't played in a while and it was nice to enjoy the game with some passionate players!

To answer Bowler Hat's question with my own question, I guess I would have to ask the players:
What is it about NMRiH that draws you in the most and makes you come back for more, and what gameplay/technical aspect would you want changed to make the game even better?
No. 2 Apr 27, 2014 @ 12:48pm 
For me its the fact the gameplay and the emphasis on tight teamwork are close to what I picture the perfect zombie apocalypse videogame experience to be. Not many other games out there do it for me so I always will come back to this game and play it with a few friends and every time its always a blast. If you were to change anything in particular I would go with the character and npc animations, they get the job done but sometimes especially if someone is using a chainsaw or a compound bow it kind of breaks the immersion for me. Thanks again for the event and I hope to participate again if it happens.
eIbydpI Apr 27, 2014 @ 1:07pm 
My favorite part of the game is playing with friends. When you have a group of players that know what they are doing, the game is a blast. The features im hoping for the most would be more melee weapons to play around with, and maybe the ability to throw the welder(or maybe not cause it would be really easy to troll) A female player model would also be great. Keep up the great work, this game is amazing. <3
I keep coming back for the fun melee combat, and how you have to work as a team to survive. One great player seperated from his team won't make it out alive. I never really notice any animations, so that's all fine with me, I'm just really excited for a variety of zombies and the suicide feature!
?! Apr 27, 2014 @ 1:28pm 
For improvements of a technical aspect:
There are just a handful of mechanics I feel could be refined,
-Ladder Dismounting & Climbing down (I haven't figured out how to unless I jump and hope I grab on at the bottom)
-Improved hit boxes (Many times I can see the blood splatter on a zed's head...yet it's still attached as if the shot didn't register)

For Game play mechanics wished to be changed/added:
-If survival maps had some objectives within directly correlated to difficulty, this would be AMAZING.
E.X. Northview mall, it's indoors. Have the lights cut out at random, then the team must get gas to the basement to get them back on line. This would keep the players on edge, flashlights would be carried, not knowing when that utter blackness would occur. It would be neat sight to see players fighting for flashlights. The light mechanics as used in the objective map 'lakeside' is what I'm thinking about.
-Added flashlight a head lamp. Allow two handed weapons to still have a light. Or don't, without this, in a pitch black map (which doesn't exist yet) team mates have to work on shedding light on the situation (pun intended)

In brief conclusion as to 'what draws you in the most and makes you come back for more' and, to spare ya the need to read:

This is a rare game where so much of the individuals' choices have such an impact on their survival. Such challenge breeds the need for strong team work, this is the most rare to find among a 'survival' game. I keep coming back because I can not find what NMRiH has to offer, anywhere else. (See extensive list of zed games including but not limited to: Left 4 Dead series, Contagion, Resident Evil series, etc.)

To expand on how this conclusion was reached:

I really appreciate the attention to detail that NMRiH offers. No HUD, no ammo indication, no health bar, no 'hold __ to swap weapons' . This is one of the few games where it's highly beneficial to the player to be aware to their surroundings. There's no 'weapon stats' so it's trial and error to figure out what works best for each individual player. What is better, is that over time the preference for weapons and tactics change. First, I loved the fire axe, it was reliable. Now, I'm a fan of the machete in objective maps for it's low inventory space use & subsequent low stamina drain, and for survival maps I prefer the lead pipe for it's ability to keep knockin' the zed down without making me wheeze like a fat-kid-mid-asthma-attack-clawing-toward-a-triple-layered-chocolate-and-jelly-bean-sprinkles. On an individual basis I don't find this level of detail in decision making in other first person 'team survival' based games.

In contrast to the 'Left 4 Dead' Series, the zed in NMRiH are slow & highly resistant to body shots. One would think their lack of speed would make them a joke. Though the waves of 'deceased' team mates in the first seven min. of a game have proven otherwise.This is a challenging game, thanks to it's specific variety of munitions & health items, the usual strategy of 'just walk over it' or even 'pick up everything in sight' is not only an often fruitless strategy, but more so, it's a sure fire way to slow down and get nibbled. This coupled with the inventory system makes the planning of ones selections paramount.

With that level of detail, NMRiH demands the quality of it's players to meet the challenge. By knowing and understanding. "Ammo Here" "Gun here" those don't benefit team mates as much as they do in other zed based games. "I have 9mm for who ever needs it." "There's a mac 10 here, I'm unloading it." these details matter in NMRiH, not so elsewhere.

*laughs* I don't think I've had another game where I've had to put so much effort into assembling a team for an achievement (We Got This!) This challenge is what keeps me around.

No matter the outcome....keep up the stellar work!
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?! Apr 27, 2014 @ 2:23pm 
Side note...the head lamp would be passive (turn it one once...and it's good to go) & also extreemly a flare gun.
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