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Achievement guide English
от AreaQ
The guide for you. You need it....
Achievement guide (rus)
от Kyou
Achievement guide for russians, may contains spoilers. Sometime i translate it, maybe....
Modding Ys 2 to replace the PC-88 music with the TurboGrafx-16 music (or any music you want)
от rpryke
Do you miss the TG-16 soundtrack when you play Ys? Or perhaps you've never experienced it before. This guide will show you how to change the music from the PC-88 music to the TG-16 music. I also cover how to change the other OST options as well. T...
Ys II Analog Controller Bug Fix
от BluPhoenix
Steps to correct a non-functional left analog stick when playing Ys II with a gamepad....
Complete walkthrough Ys II
от WWIE92
Excelent guide written by Jeff David aka "Korzic" on http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/979864-ys-i-and-ii-chronicles/faqs/67237 I'm not taking any credit for this guide! Just uploading it to ease using a complete walkthrough...