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Achievement guide English
by AreaQ
The guide for you. You need it....
Ys II Analog Controller Bug Fix
by CynicalDooDad
Steps to correct a non-functional left analog stick when playing Ys II with a gamepad....
Modding Ys 2 to replace the PC-88 music with the TurboGrafx-16 music (or any music you want)
by rpryke
Do you miss the TG-16 soundtrack when you play Ys? Or perhaps you've never experienced it before. This guide will show you how to change the music from the PC-88 music to the TG-16 music. I also cover how to change the other OST options as well. Th...
Mascot Guide (plus NPC List and Bestiary)
by Jag
This guide describes how to get all 157 mascots available in the game. Because of its content, it also doubles as a full list of NPCs for the Notorious A.C. achievement and a bestiary of the non-boss enemies for the Demon Duster achievement....
by Fangnir
to clarify how to do mosquitoes quick and easy, unlike other guides....