Pika Carl Feb 4 @ 1:47pm
Help installing project Nevada.
Ok i installed fmm and Project Nevada onto it, everything went fine enabled all 4 packs. When i started fnv It said the project Nevada HUD exstensions were missing? any help? (the new vegas script exstender worked great with other mods)

ps: sorry about my bad english :)
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Pika Carl Feb 4 @ 2:02pm 
bought the dlc seperatley, got everything (i was an idiot :)
Pika Carl Feb 4 @ 2:03pm 
so would i use the ulti vid?
Pika Carl Feb 4 @ 2:35pm 
Also writen help would be apreciated :) I've had a busy schedule latley and checking this disscusion from my phone would help very much, so i can fix it next time im free.
Mormacil Feb 5 @ 2:38am 
Do you own all the DLC or just the big ones?
Pika Carl Feb 5 @ 5:04am 
i got it to work all dlc and i was wondering, Is there a mod that lets you get an auto stimpack hotkey?
Mormacil Feb 5 @ 5:12am 
F1, first tab you can use stims instead of digging through F2 -> Aid -> Scroll down. Other then that I believe you can make autouse stimpacks in either a campfire or a blue workbench, requires science I believe. Also some armor autoinjects stimpacks I believe.
Pika Carl Feb 5 @ 5:21am 
no i mean a key that outomatikly uses stimpacks/healing items
Mormacil Feb 5 @ 5:53am 
3-9 hotkey?
Pika Carl Feb 5 @ 6:29am 
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