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fearlessfrog Sep 18, 2013 @ 10:57am
Here's some topics to review before posting:

DCS Doesn't Start / Doesn't Work / Black Screen / Crash / General Madness On My Computer

Please review the steps in the Trouble Shooting Check List. They really help. If they don't then when posting please include your system specs and log (as described in the troubleshooting thread).

Also, you need a 64-bit OS to run DCS World. Plus 6 GB of RAM. That's 2 more than 4, for those doing the math.

I Need Help Flying / Not Crashing / Moving This Thing

There are some excellent guides here, including an even longer FAQ:


A longer wordier FAQ?



Activate in Steam But Bought From ED, Activate in ED From Steam???

You can use your key in either ED's non-Steam DCS World or from within the Steam version. If you select DCS World in your library, on the right hand side there is a 'CD Keys' that will list your ED activatable keys.

Note: If you buy a module from ED there may be a delay in transfering the key to Steam, as it's often a batch job at the beginning of the month.

The situation on this as of June 7th is changing. You will not be able to activate your ED bought keys here in Steam. You will be able to use your Steam bought keys in the stand-alone version. More info see:


What is Flaming Cliffs 3 and Why Are There Two F15Cs?

Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3) is a 'pack' of modules, bundled together. It doesn't require any special pre-requisites (it used too, but those dark days are over now).

The upgraded A10A, Su25 and F15C are included already in the latest FC3 module, so although Steam doesn't list the individual DLS modules as 'Already Owned', you do already own them from with the FC3 pack.

Put another way, the FC3 aircraft have been upgraded and are exactly the same as those 3 separates, so no need to worry.

How is Flaming Cliffs different to the other Modules?

Here's some descriptions in this thread:


Plus check the stickies at the top of this forum. I'll leave this thread open just for suggestions to add to this FAQ sticky only.

ARGHH - Virus!

The 3rd party DRM that DCS modules use (DCS World is also sold outside of Steam, so needs non-Steam DRM) sometimes can give false positives, e.g:

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Added reference to Flaming Cliffs fidelity
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Added better FC3 explanation
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Updated steam activation of ED bought keys.
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