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Wombat Feb 7 @ 9:16pm
I bought FC3 a while ago on the website where can i find my key so i can put it into Steam?
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fearlessfrog Feb 7 @ 9:19pm 
Here you go, from the Steam FAQ here:


"To retrieve your serial key from ED :
1 - Access your ED account page which can be viewed by signing in over http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com.
2 - Click on the "Payements" link under your account name
3 - Click "Details" of the purchase made to view the serial key you have previously received for this purchase"
Wombat Feb 7 @ 9:24pm 
ok thanks mate Doesnt FC3 work on steam yet?
Wombat Feb 7 @ 9:56pm 
does it work with steam or do i need to find my FC2 disk?
fearlessfrog Feb 7 @ 10:46pm 
FC3 works on Steam, and doesn't need FC2 or LOMAC installed anymore. If your FC3 key doesn't work then that's probably because the keys from ED get imported into Steam manually, and that happens once a month, i.e. try again later.
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Wombat Feb 7 @ 10:50pm 
kk thx Praise The lord Gaben
toms781 Feb 8 @ 7:10am 
As Fearlessfrog said, it may take a while for them to import your key. I bought FC3 from ED back in Sept and my key still has not been activated for Steam. Then again, FC3 was just added to Steam so that is probably related to it.
Rusty_M Feb 10 @ 11:03am 
Originally posted by Wombat:
kk thx Praise The lord Gaben
And thanks to Lord Wagner
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