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BaronHaynes Mar 11, 2014 @ 8:47pm
Is the in-game timer meant to be real-time accurate?
This is a bit of a longshot, but if the devs are still around or anyone else knows -- how fast is this game supposed to be running?

I've been working on speedrunning it as I mentioned in another post, and recently realized that the game is running at different speeds depending on what other processes I have running on my PC. When recording in FRAPS, it's considerably faster, but even just watching a stream on Twitch can speed it up. I did several tests to compare, and noticed that the in-game timer is always relative to the speed the game is running at, so the times I was getting in-game were consistent even if it was running faster than normal. This is partly why it took me a while to notice.

However, I've yet to have the game run at a speed where the in-game timer was accurate. Even at the fast speeds, an in-game second is longer than a real second. My question: Is the game intended to run at a speed where the in-game times are precise? The fact that the leaderboard measures down to the millisecond makes me think it is, but I dunno how to get it to run at that speed if so.

Any ideas?
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BaronHaynes Mar 11, 2014 @ 8:51pm 
To clarify, I did a test where I took about 10 minutes to beat level 1-2. The in-game timer was 9:33, where the real time was something like 9:57. A lot of different things can affect how a game runs, I'm just curious whether it was intended to run at a speed where those would match up, or if -- like many timers in games -- the intention wasn't to be a precise real-time measurement.
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