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Killing Floor - Descripción Básica del Juego
by Antroca
Es mejor jugar con personas que conozcas, que sepan hablar tu idioma, y que sean habiles jugando, porque este juego es difícil si no sabes jugar, y más porque es de Horror-Survival. En Killing Floor hay 7 privilegios diferentes, cada uno tiene una propi...
Cry of Fear - Unlockable hoodies and you
by Seth
Hello once again, everybody! Ever play horror games with some replay value (such as different endings), but not enough incentive to replay it? Don't worry, Cry of Fear's got you covered. Below is a list of hoodies that may give enough replay value for you...
Cry of Fear - Guía para desbloquear los distintos finales
by DBytez
¿Sabías que Cry of Fear tiene múltiples conclusiones?, si sabías pero no sabes como desbloquearlos aquí está la guía completamente en español. Narraré los requisitos y la explicación de cada uno (sólo los de el modo historia, el cooperativo y e...
Perfect Guide for playing Cry of Fear
by [BOT]_Nonamed
My second guide of COF, I decide to put a lot of effort on this guide. Contains : Spoiler ...
Русссификация текста в Cry of Fear v1.6.1.
by SeregaKZ_93
Предоставляю вашему вниманию русификатор найденный на просторах интернета. Теперь делать кирпичи будет приятней :)...
Cry of Fear with Hamachi
by paszaBiceps
Welcome to my guide. This is a simple tutorial on how you can create a co-op campaign with a simple VPN (Virtual Private Network) program (e.g. Hamachi, Tungle etc.) The whole walkthrough will be in steps so it's easier for everyone. Step 1: Install Ha...
How to Do Multiplayer Co-Op
by -={D@}=- The009®
This guide will help you start and play a Multiplayer Co-Op Game. I will go over the ports and steps needed for this all to work....
Finding and Hosting Servers without VPN (Hamachi)
by Mrpeanut188
Guide to hosting and finding matches, and if you don't port-forward what are safer alternatives to Hamachi....
Cry of Fear - Walkthrough/Guide
by Snailburt
This guide will help you progress through Cry of Fear by giving you knowledge about the weapons, bosses, and other parts of the game. If this guide was of any help to you, please take some time to rate it positively. The Walkthrough isn't comple...
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