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Kerma 20 ENE 2013 a las 14:48
The 500th generic "worth the buy?" thread
I have 25 dollars in my steam wallet currently and this game is on sale.
When I look at this game it reminds me sort of the classic WC3 mods like "Cruiser Command" where people had naval battles in giant ships and each man had his own role, and I really enjoyed that. I feel like I'd be into this assuming the execution is perfect, and that's basically my question.
1) Is the playerbase sustainable? In other words, If I wanted to play this at any time could I easily find a game?
2) Is the game accessable? I'm not asking for it to be simple or easy, but will people yell at me if I'm a new player?
3) Is the game overall worth the (7.95 at time of writing) money? I understand this is more of "to each his own question" but in terms of how it was executed would you say so?
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Andrew Mills 20 ENE 2013 a las 14:53 
1). There's always a server with people in it, but not loads and loads of people just now.
2). It's definitely got a learning curve to it, but I've personally found the AB community to be very helpful myself. There's also an official guide you can get for the game at or you can check out the free HD video tutorials at
3). If you enjoy games where working as a team is satisfying, then definitely. Having played 60+ hours of the game over BETA and STEAM accounts it's one of the few games I'll still happily play even after writing the guide for it (most games I get burnt out on after spending so long on it). Others will disagree or agree, the joys of personal opinion I suppose... ;)
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