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Wergild 2013年1月6日 19時20分
Grenade Hits
Grenade hits should definitely give Guerilla XP; I've been trying to level guerilla, but found it difficult due to other guerillas kill stealing! I would like to at least get a little guerilla XP for my hard work getting to an enemy ship and bombarding it with grenades!
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Jew_Santa 2013年1月6日 21時43分 
Wergild 2013年1月7日 13時40分 
lol Santa, you're the bloody reason I made this thread :P You got at least 4 kills in which I did half the work, also ludo, the game NEEDS assist XP when a ship is dropped!
Jew_Santa 2013年1月8日 1時42分 
I didn't make it intentionaly. Each granade strike should give guerilla (not defender), and ship drop bonus for destroyer (as it is now).

I also wodner what happens when 2 granades are on deck. Do demage stack or one granade wipe another. Due to allmighty blockers they should stack. Ludocraft come and play more your own game. ;]
最近の変更はJew_Santaが行いました; 2013年1月8日 1時46分
tuco  [開発者] 2013年1月8日 4時47分 
When grenade is destroyed because it is damaged (because of another grenade explosion or Blocker), that grenade causes 75% less damage.

My humble personal opinion is that grenade damage should not stack so that boarding is not encouraged any more than it is now.
最近の変更はtucoが行いました; 2013年1月8日 4時49分
Wergild 2013年1月8日 13時42分 
Ludocraft, the bottom line of what you can do is switching grenade hit XP to guerilla because it makes more sense!

EDIT: or even better, when you're on your own ship or rope you get defender XP, but when you're boarding you get guerilla
最近の変更はWergildが行いました; 2013年1月8日 14時50分
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