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Alpacalypse Jacks 5/jan/2013 às 11:14
Eye patch
First off this game is epic, the servers were lagging so i thought i'd come here. when you get the eyepatch flaw your character should get an eye patch
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Alpacalypse Jacks 5/jan/2013 às 14:06 
bump for awesomeness
СлавоБрисцхников 6/jan/2013 às 7:05 
Wergild 6/jan/2013 às 19:16 
When you take a flaw, you shouldn't be able to just go to third person to circumvent it!
Alpacalypse Jacks 8/jan/2013 às 10:17 
Escrito originalmente por Wergild:
When you take a flaw, you shouldn't be able to just go to third person to circumvent it!

don't know what ur taking about, you see your character b4 you start the round
Wergild 8/jan/2013 às 13:49 
What I'm saying is, when you take eyepatch and press "z" to go to thirdperson it doesn't obscure your vision at all. I'll be honest and admit to abusing this to get more perks at no true cost when captaining!
Alpacalypse Jacks 9/jan/2013 às 13:57 
ok thx, i'm not going to do that but good to know, the blocked vision makes me feel like a pirate
Wergild 9/jan/2013 às 14:26 
Heh. Aye, that it does!
SkyroBlade 16/jan/2013 às 19:44 
some people find trying to aim in third person just as hindering and it does switch the eyepatch back on when you use the telescope. I'm not saying it makes it all even, but viewing your person from behind with a big blotch of blankness would be sort of weird. Is there another pirate floating behind you? Is it the rat on your shoulder astrally projecting himself? Why cant other players see this floating buccaneer/viking?
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