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Xpander 2012年12月5日 15時41分
Linux Client?
any release date for linux client?
should be quite easy to just package it with unity4.
also steam native linux client is in beta currently, would be a good way to get it out on it so people can test it and report the findings.

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iamoverrated 2012年12月5日 16時07分 
I second this motion :D
MaximB 2012年12月5日 17時27分 
I also want to know...I've bought it for the Linux client and yet to play it.
Salamanderrake 2012年12月5日 17時44分 
I third this motion.
maxztt 2012年12月5日 22時20分 
I also bought it for the possible GNU/Linux client. (and actually due to an article by Maxim, notifying me, that Ludocraft was considering a GNU/Linux client.)
tuco  [開発者] 2012年12月6日 2時01分 
We have been able to start and run the game client on Linux but that was before our Steam days I think. So there is some work & testing involved before releasing it.
Xpander 2012年12月6日 2時58分 
thanks for heads up...
akmelius 2013年1月5日 11時05分 
In Greenlight profile they said Linux.
Puncture Wound 2013年1月6日 3時56分 
I bought it for the future Linux client. I would advise everyone to create a pay-pal dispute and get a refund if its not released as promised.
Footissimo 2013年1月7日 8時43分 
An update on the progress on the Linux client would be appreciated, thanks.
tuco  [開発者] 2013年1月8日 4時58分 
We're working with Valve to make the Mac version available soon, it is already built but needs to go through some procedures. For Linux version there is more work that we have not done yet.
最近の変更はtucoが行いました; 2013年1月8日 5時00分
Footissimo 2013年1月8日 14時13分 
Thanks! Hope you get it out in the not too distant future..lots of Linux users wanting more games!
Guust Flater 2013年2月13日 0時10分 
hope this comes out soon! can't wait looks very good!
Xpander 2013年2月13日 4時54分 
yeah it doesnt run that good with wine when huge action around:(
Tak! 2013年2月19日 3時14分 
Waiting impatiently to buy the Linux edition!
最近の変更はTak!が行いました; 2013年2月19日 3時14分
Footissimo 2013年3月16日 19時40分 
Whelp, don't I feel duped by the AirBuccaneers devs! Thankfully Guns of Icarus got released (without any promises from their devs)
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