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RD_Rabin 2013年10月2日 3時30分
Left 4 Dead 2 (beta) Linux blackscreen on load
It plays the first note of the valve intro, then blackscreens and makes no further progress.

Installed the HL2 Lost Coast (Source) demo and ran the benchmark, which got 128fps, so it is not a general Source engine issue.

ArmA Tactics also works fine.

Steam client says I have the latest AMD Linux drivers and the game cache checks out fine when I tell it to check local files.

The game is listed twice on my games list in Linux as "Left 4 Dead 2 (beta)" and "Left 4 Dead 2 beta", I installed the first one if that makes any difference :)

Any ideas?
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Tiriok 2013年10月11日 10時39分 
Same problem here...
Andrew5545 2013年11月5日 18時03分 
try puting this in lunch options -dev -dxlevel 81 +mat_hdr_level 0
Andrew5545 2013年11月5日 18時04分 
or just -dxlevel 81 +mat_hdr_level 0
Andrew5545 2013年11月5日 18時04分 
Tell me if it works.
Andrew5545 2013年11月5日 18時04分 
also add -nomovies
Andrew5545 2013年11月5日 18時05分 
That skips the intro
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