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ratcat 2013년 7월 26일 오전 6시 02분
Left for dead 2 Beta in games library
Somehow it appeared in my library but it needs to be downloaded and installed. Excuse my naivety but once I download it do I have to pay for it? Or is it a test (demo) type thing or is it just Valve working out ways to make money? If its in my list and I download it I think they have broken the law somehow because it has cost me money to download, there's no TOS attached to the download.
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Quynn & Co 2013년 7월 26일 오전 11시 30분 
I purchased Left 4 Dead 2 when it first came out, and now suddenly I have the beta in my library. I don't want to install it until I know why it's appeared. Any ideas?
Mad 2013년 7월 26일 오전 11시 55분 
Nothing happens, Valve doesn't do this. You can install it and play it like normal.
HydrixHD 2013년 8월 9일 오후 6시 25분 
Anything in your library is downloadable
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