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w0rd 2013年7月19日上午9:50
Linux... what do i Install
me and my gf justdecided to play a round of l4d2. She uses windows i use linux... which version do i install? in my game list there is left 4 dead 2 beta and left 4 dead (beta)?
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kozec 2013年7月19日上午9:57 
left4dead (beta) on Linux is same thing as left4dead on Windows.
left4dead beta - no parenthesis here - has beta in name on both plaforms.

Most players are plating left4dead (beta) - that one with parenhesis on linux.
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silkevicious 2013年7月19日下午1:21 
I had the same doubt! Thank you for the answer! ;)
w0rd 2013年7月21日上午5:40 
jip. thanks a lot
CCarpenter 2013年7月21日上午10:00 
jp thnx for that info
vic sage 2013年7月21日下午2:52 
apollyon 2013年8月6日下午10:45 
Confusing! What does the all-platform Beta offer vs the stable/linux-beta?
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