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Tyleranosaurus 2013年5月31日 16時29分
lag on linux, but works fine on windows
same computer, but when running linux there is major lag; even on the lowest video settings
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ProChaser [Linux] 2013年6月1日 0時04分 
buy Nvidia card .)
Tyleranosaurus 2013年6月1日 11時17分 
im on a laptop lol or else i would
HarlemSquirrel 2013年6月15日 11時41分 
When i first load L4D2 beta on my Ubuntu 13.04 it skips for the first 30-60 seconds; it seems to skip when loading sounds as they first are used like firing a gun, killing a zombie, a spitting boomer, etc. This does not happen on Windows with L4D2 non-beta.
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