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Serious Samvich 2013年5月21日 1時57分
Left 4 Dead 2 beta should have steam cards.
They should add them only on the beta so they can get a bunch of people to try it and help them out.
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twitch.tv/gla1ve 2013年5月21日 8時01分 
nah, we would have riots
Svaskk 2013年5月22日 8時41分 
Truth, I agree
psymin 2013年6月10日 11時33分 
Haven't seen any steam card drops in the game, but it plays fine as far as I can tell :)
kreafan 2013年6月22日 1時46分 
Or it could just use the conterminous Dropped Cards' Counter with L4D2 (not separated one).
(As I suggested here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tradingcards/discussions/1/864971287623279229 )
A player69 Merry Gabemas 2013年7月7日 6時55分 
One word: No.
Serious Samvich 2013年7月7日 15時07分 
DR ๖ۣۜAplayer³ の投稿を引用:
One word: No.
Lol a bit late dont you think??
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