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Kazuto Kirigaya 2013年5月6日上午6:56
Inviting Friends
I just installed the Left4Dead2 Beta on my Ubuntu installation, I launched the game and tried to make a new co-operative play game and invite my friend. The game told me I needed to enable Steam In-Game to invite friends, the funny thing is I checked and it was already enabled.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so did you overcome it?
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Chronicfathead 2013年5月6日下午1:09 
I have seen this, but so far I haven't been able to play with my friends on any sort of Lan or Online match. I haven't been able to fix it as of yet.
Srbija 2013年5月19日下午7:26 
send me an invite for l4d2 please :(
[GS] MЯ_Л0ФФ0Б 2013年9月1日上午10:30 
send me plz
jazzyd2009 2013年9月5日下午12:34 
Kazuto Kirigaya 2013年9月5日下午1:13 
mmm What? How is friending everyone solving a technical issue?
Demented Casinoid 2013年9月10日上午5:13 
It isnt
Kazuto Kirigaya 2013年9月11日上午10:49 
Steam has now released a beta that links the Linux platform with Windows and Mac. This (I think, never looked into) houses the new Mutation system and is now avaliable everywhere.

Problem solved
Asosmen21 2013年11月24日下午4:00 
send me invite pleaseeee
[GS] MЯ_Л0ФФ0Б 2013年11月25日上午9:09 
me to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
Falconcy 2014年1月1日上午7:04 
send me pls :)
Kazuto Kirigaya 2014年1月7日上午8:40 
Why is it down to everyone else to friend you? why not be proactive and do it yourself?
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