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LordAnarchy 2013年5月6日 6時56分
Inviting Friends
I just installed the Left4Dead2 Beta on my Ubuntu installation, I launched the game and tried to make a new co-operative play game and invite my friend. The game told me I needed to enable Steam In-Game to invite friends, the funny thing is I checked and it was already enabled.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so did you overcome it?
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Chronicfathead 2013年5月6日 13時09分 
I have seen this, but so far I haven't been able to play with my friends on any sort of Lan or Online match. I haven't been able to fix it as of yet.
Infected Mushroom 2013年5月19日 19時26分 
send me an invite for l4d2 please :(
Mr_N0oo0B 2013年9月1日 10時30分 
send me plz
jazzyd2009 2013年9月5日 12時34分 
LordAnarchy 2013年9月5日 13時13分 
mmm What? How is friending everyone solving a technical issue?
ChipChip 2013年9月10日 5時13分 
It isnt
LordAnarchy 2013年9月11日 10時49分 
Steam has now released a beta that links the Linux platform with Windows and Mac. This (I think, never looked into) houses the new Mutation system and is now avaliable everywhere.

Problem solved
Asosmen21 2013年11月24日 16時00分 
send me invite pleaseeee
Mr_N0oo0B 2013年11月25日 9時09分 
me to pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
Falcon 1月1日 7時04分 
send me pls :)
LordAnarchy 1月7日 8時40分 
Why is it down to everyone else to friend you? why not be proactive and do it yourself?
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