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КΘΜβiИΣ ΛzzдzziИ 2013年12月28日 23時11分
My Usual Servers Are Missing After Installing Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Left 4 Dead Beta
Played Left 4 Dead 2 on Wiindows XP Pro, no problems. Thought I would try something different. Just wiped my hard drive and installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, installed Left 4 Dead 2 Beta, no problem. Went the same route I always go to play, PROBLEM, where are the servers? Servers are now missing. After loading game, no servers rolling in a list on the bottoom right. I go into the survival games and no servers. What am I missing here? Please help.
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kozec 2013年12月29日 3時36分 
I would suggest non-beta version. It works in Ubuntu, has many servers and lot of players.

Beta uses own servers and beta player can play only with other beta players.
КΘΜβiИΣ ΛzzдzziИ 2013年12月29日 4時09分 
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