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AOG | SledgeHammer 2014年5月2日下午11:00
Is the Beta censored?
so living in Australia, I obviously have the incredibly unsatisfying censored version of L4D2. But maybe the beta has the gore?
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DOGjuggler 2014年5月4日上午5:31 
what gore?
AOG | SledgeHammer 2014年5月4日下午11:10 
so that's a no then...
R4G3 2014年6月16日下午9:36 
Gore is the gratuitous violence, blood, meaty parts liquifying, etc. In australia, they ban and outlaw that sort of thing, so game developers make a "family friendly" version, so they can still benefit from profits in a country that has banned that level of media violence.

I haven't ran it yet, but it just might. You could always try loading it up, and taking a gander.
AOG | SledgeHammer 2014年6月16日下午10:24 
I tried it, didn't have gore.
Downloaded Left 4 Gore and uninstalled the beta.
SealSpy of Boxtroting 2014年11月20日下午3:21 
well now its uncencored :D there was a new law passed
ItzHyper 2014年12月11日下午3:38 
America 4 The Win
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