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Apituluaheb 2014年2月4日 11時47分
When a trully disgusting, scary, realistic skin?
Is there really no trully disgusting, bloody, scary, realistic skin for the commun infected? They are not scary! too bright and not enough blood and disgusting wounds etc... :(
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kozec 2014年2月4日 12時50分 
Apituluaheb 2014年2月4日 14時44分 
GoldAnthro 2014年3月2日 19時13分 
lol. I do agree though left 4 dead, while I understand its not meant to be super scary, it would be nice to have the option to make it so (ala cry of fear, nightmare house, etc.)
TimLM 2014年3月23日 6時59分 
Considering the Left 4 Dead games arent zombie games, the infected would die of too serious wounds. Kind of like 28 days later.
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