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pbud70 Jun 23, 2013 @ 6:36am
Adjusting FOV doesn't change anything
I'm trying everything to get the framerate reasonable on my laptop i7 3632qm / Nvidia GT 640M /8G / 512G SSD... so trying to drop the resolution, but I end up with huge black bars on the side of the screen. So... try adjusting FOV - changing the FOV value from 70 <-> 130 doesn't do anything to the actual image on the screen. I'm assuming that FOV is the mechanism that Miasmata uses to attempt to stretch to full screen? Other steam & non-steam games stretch as expected.

I've tried a range of resolutions and it's consistent across resolutions - i.e. FOV doesn't actually change anything at any resolution. AFAIK I'm running the latest stable release of Miasmata via steam. OK... have just gotten something workable @ 1280x800 with full detail on everything, and the black bars aren't too bad. Still curious if I've misunderstood FOV or how I actually get it to stretch?

Love the idea and the atmosphere, a real nail biter, but I was getting killed by the framerate.