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Basilisk 2013年1月26日 16時47分
Fleshy Rooted Plant?
This is the one plant I know exists but haven't found. Where is it?
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Floyd! 2013年1月28日 8時40分 
North-East of the outpost Tau, close to the head statue which is next to the sea, there's a small glade where you can find some. :o
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jellybee22 2013年1月29日 3時03分 
Here's a screen of what the plant and grove look like:


Come to think of it, I might have found this grove to the north-west of Outpost Tau... basically look around in the jungle area north-west to north-east of Tau, rather high in elevation from the coast.
Vixie 2013年1月29日 23時37分 
It's north-east, between the ruins at the peninsula tip and the large jungle mountain, in one of the north-facing gullies.
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