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Requirements for Bored Carthographer Achievement?
Do you have to map out the ENTIRE Island? Or just the outline of it? The achievement led me to believe only the outline, but i'm guessing that's not the case because i almost have the entire map lined out (the outline entirely completed), but still no achievement.

Thanks :)
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MasterFail Mar 14, 2013 @ 3:02am 
the achievement is broken. and it starts to look like it won't get fixed.
Sgt Phantomizer Mar 14, 2013 @ 11:02am 

What about the one for uncovering all the Head Statues?
Sgt Phantomizer Mar 14, 2013 @ 1:09pm 
Actually, what're the working achievements out of this list? These are the only one's i'm missing. I'm pretty sure i read that the achievements for completing the game under a certain amount of days are broken, but not too sure about the rest.

In 3 days? Yeah right!
Beat the game in 3 days or less

In under a week? Can't be done!
Beat the game in 7 days or less

Just doing some light reading?
Collect every note

Botanical Bad A**
collect 32 unique plant/fungi

Light every urn on the island

The Bored Cartographer
Map the entire mainland coastline

Oh, my glorious brain...
Synthesize a Mental Stimulant

That's a lot of head statues
Add all head statues to the map
Psycho Mar 14, 2013 @ 7:55pm 

Please fill in the blanks if you know an achievement is broken.
THE_RaBiD_CanuK Mar 27, 2013 @ 2:35pm 
Head statues works. I just got it.
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