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Last_Sinner Jan 5, 2014 @ 2:21am
Fastest time you've completed Miasmata in
Just curious as to the fastest time/earliest day in the game people have completed Miasmata at.

Did a playthrough tonight where I reached the final destination at 4pm on Day 2. Had always thought physical limitations of the character prevented that from being possible, but tonight, was able to finish it on the 2nd day rather than the 3rd.
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Eternie Jan 5, 2014 @ 3:06am 
If you cheat it can be done incredibly quickly. DSS told me of a youtube video of someone doing it in several hours! That depends on the glitch that keeps ingredients in storage where they were , if you delete that saved game slot and play a new one. On that basis how long would it take you to run from start to finish without any mapping; just running and remembering where to go.

My own personal speed run only I only just snuck under the 3 days getting there at 11 pm on the 2nd night!
You don't actually have 3 days anyway, as you start at 9 am on day 1 and need to get there before midnight end of day 2!
Last_Sinner Jan 5, 2014 @ 8:18am 
On that basis how long would it take you to run from start to finish without any mapping; just running and remembering where to go.

That is effectively how to do it. I've played it enough times to have a general map of the whole island in my head. The pathing I take also avoids coming across the creature at all.

My directions to get ut done at 4pm on the 2nd day were:

1. Go to Outpost Draco, make Basic and Extra Strength medicines from the plants there and put one more of each of them in the storage bin as backup.

2. Go SW from Outpost Draco to the swamp with the Bioluminescent Algae.

Go behind the wall that runs parallel to the north side of the river next to Draco, then head SW through the light forest then stay on ground until you see a section of reeds that spans the enitre width of the next river. Cross there as it will be shallow enough. Head W-SW to the coast. There should be rock pools that allow you to go across the river there. A Trumpet Mushroom clearing should be on the other side of that river - take one of them. Head SW from there and you should reach the swamp. Find one of the algae (the colour difference is still easy enough to see even in normal daylight) and take it. Should have reached that swamp around noon latest.

3. Turn around and head back to Draco, retracing the same way you got there. Take a Poisonous Red Mushroom next to the wall just before Draco on your way back. At Draco, put the Algae and Trumpet Mushroom in the storage bin and make a Clarity Tonic from the red mushroom. Should be back here between 3 and 4pm. Save here.

4. Take the earliest path possible east from Draco to get over the cliff sides surrounding Draco then head SE most of the time, sometimes a bit south. Using the camp halfway between Draco and Sirius and the long clearing with ferns in it as landmarks to remember, you can find the Purple Pitcher Plant fairly easily. Head E-SE from there. You can use Sirius as a landmark to know where you're going if necessary but I didn't in this playthrough. Reach the camp a bit east of Sirius and take one of the brown mushrooms there. Go north a bit to find a Titan Plant. Then head NW to get back to Draco. At some point in this part of the journey, use the Clarity Tonic so you don't waste time. You need to get back to Draco no later than 8pm in order to pull off part 5. Make Agent Z and Brain Emphasis Drug there and replace any Basic/Extra Strength medicines you used along the way along with water. Save. Make sure you have left Draco by 9pm to get part 5 done.

5. Follow the wooden paths and go past the wooden shack just north of Draco. Keep following the coast North to the next camp. It will be dark now, so always have the lighter out to be able to see. From there, head NE until you reach the riverbank. Follow it East until you reach the place where there is a small gap in the river. Remember this place - you will need to use that place to cross on Day 2. Stay on that side of the river this time and keep going NE-E to the next camp, then keep following that coastline as it goes South for a little bit then NE for a fair while. Notable landmarks will be another camp and temple ruins with Japanese sakura/cherry blossoms around it. A bit before the temple and in parts after it, there will be times you need to stay on higher ground for a bit, as the coast will have no ground to walk on at sea level. Just keep following it and eventually you will reach a distant outpost with two huts. You will find White Lillies just before you reach it. Store the lillies and save with the bunsen burner. But make sure you have medicine with you for this next part - you need it. It should be no later than about 3.30am.

6. Head NE a bit more - again due to lack of safe ground at sea level, you will need to go on higher ground for a bit, then you can drop down, Then head SE for a bit. You will see a makeshift bridge made of uneven stone blocks. Across that is the Rainbow Orchid. Do the quick swim across as you can't use the bridge in this direction. However, a drowning will be triggered. Mash your Space key to avoid drowning. Take some medicine to relieve fever once you get onto the mini-island with the Orchids. Take a Rainbow Orchid and cross back to the main island via the stone bridge. But note you will need to make two jumps. DON'T land in the water during these jumps or you will end up drowning. Once across, head back across higher ground to the two huts. Be careful as your character should start falling ill from fatigue at this point since he's been awake for around 20 hours now. Make Agent Y and any replacement Basic/Extra Strength medicines. Go to sleep. Should be around 5am when you do. This will save the game.

7. Amazingly....you will awake at 6.30am...take it for what it is. Head back in a Westerly direction along the coast past the temple and camps to that small crossing you encountered on the first night. Cross there and follow the coast north. You should now be in jungle terrain. Keep heading north along that coast until you find a camp. Use a lantern in there to save. Should be about noon or so, maybe earlier. Climb up the cliff face in a westerly direction. You should see ruins then reach the river with the Bulbous Fruit Plant. Head West a little bit to see it. Now when you swim, time it so you will reach the floating circular green part JUST in time to use it as support before you would start drowning. From there, reach and get a Bulbous Fruit Plant. Cross back - again you shouldn't drown. Head NW briefly and you should reach the northernmost Outpost Tau. Store your Bulbous Fruit Plant and then take the steps in a NE direction, go past the small pinkish bushes and start checking the East sides of trees in the next clearing. You should find the Blue Fungus there. Take one and head back to Outpost Tau via the steps. Make Agent Z. You are now cured! Should be early afternoon on Day 2. Save.

8. Head immediately West. You should reach the coast quickly and come out around the point where the mini-ziggurat is. Jump into the ocean off of that zigguratand swim to the large mini-island you can see out to the NW. Go to the other side of the mini-island and you will find the boat. If you want to, you can do a final save with the candle next the copy of Milton's Paradise Lost book.

9. Get on the boat and use the steering wheel. Learn the truth. Time should be around 4pm on Day 2. And you're done.

I doubt there's a more efficient way in terms of direction. Maybe that can be bettered by an hour or two with using less saves (I swear loading up a save makes you lose half an hour or more), but being able to get 4 out of the 6 plants for The Cure before you take your first and only sleep is pretty darn efficient. It is legit - you just need to remember how terrain looks and what landmarks you can use to know you're headed in the right direction.

Eternie Jan 5, 2014 @ 8:44am 
A hint I initially received from DSS was that the Algae can be found in a couple of other swamps meaning there's no need to go way down SW, which can save quite some time, there's 1 near the jungle plants!

If you wish to check in pinned post List of working Achievements, and Not. Page 6 DSS lists his route for a 1.5 days run. With some extra hints as well.
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DarkStarSword Jan 6, 2014 @ 8:05am 
One of these days I want to try another speed run to see if I can complete it during the first night. I believe it is possible and almost did it in my previous run - I only had one ingredient remaining (the blue fungus) when my health dropped to poor during the first night.

I'd already missed Tau in the dark and had plenty of time left for the three day achievement so I just decided to sleep it off, but I reckon I could have survived long enough to get the last ingredient and synthesise the cure making the Boat Island before dawn. As it was I finished it early morning on day 2 (I don't recall the exact time - I took a screenshot, but I'll have to wait till I get back from LCA to check it).
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Eternie Jan 6, 2014 @ 8:44am 
Doesn't Day 2 start at midnight? I know the game starts at 9am or at least mine did. By the time I knew to check time was available.
Welcome To NG+5 Jan 6, 2014 @ 9:39am 
The closest I've come to doing a speedrun is getting the muscle and endurance emphasis drugs in the first two days.

I like not having to rush, which is one of the many many reasons i like this game.
Eternie Jan 6, 2014 @ 9:59pm 
Miasmata is a game you can play anyway you like, which is great!
TARmeZAN Mar 17, 2014 @ 2:02pm 
The fastest time we've been able to get so far is day 1, 9:30 PM (13.5 hrs).
Look for the discussions "Speed Run" and "3-day achievement."

There are a few hints, photos, and routes in those posts.
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