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dysphorya Feb 4 @ 2:59pm
Miasmata infected with Troj.W32.Gen?
My McAfee scan just flagged Miasmata.exe as a suspicious file. Running it through VirusTotal returned an AegisLab detection of Troj.W32.Gen. Does anybody else find this, too?
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DarkStarSword Feb 4 @ 5:16pm 
Sounds like a false positive to me.

Whenever you see antivirus software identify something with "Gen" (which is short for "Generic"), it means it hasn't actually identified a virus, just that it's heuristics (which is the magic that tries to guess if something might contain some new currently unknown malware) flagged it as a possible suspect.

VirusTotal only shows that one out of FIFTY scanners even suspected it (and again it's marked as "Gen" so it did not identify any malware), and given that Miasmata hasn't been updated in about a year, any new malware would have been identified since then (in other words, if it was infected it would be listing a specific virus, not "Gen").

I wouldn't worry.
dysphorya Feb 4 @ 7:34pm 
Thanks! Greatly appreciate the insight. :)
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