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Anyone have a good heightmap of the island they could link me?
I'm looking for a good high resoultion heightmap of this game's terrain I can stick into WorldPainter for a project im working on. Any help would be appreciated.
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Eternie Sep 13 @ 2:06am 
Have you tried googling Miasmata Map?
There's a game map, and an interactive map on miasmata wiki.
No I need a black and white heightmap of the 3d space, not the in game topographical maps. Yeah I could use the regular map to paint my own rendition of the 3d space in world painter, but that could take days to weeks. OR If I can get my hands on a black and white heightmap of the island and I can just plug it into the software and generate it automatically.
Eternie Sep 13 @ 3:02am 
Okay ... I don't have that!
The only person I could think of, may be DSS who created the patches for Miasmata.
Whether he would have black and white height map I would have no idea.
I'd search the wiki first incase there's something there.
... good luck
If you can work with raw files, this is the raw 64MB height map from the game. It's just an array of 4096 x 4096 32bit little endian floats:

Of if you prefer, here's one I processed, scaled and coloured a little to turn into a nice image showing the division between land and ocean:

The script I used to process it was this one (the cterr_hmap I gave you has the rs5 header stripped, so if you use this script get rid of the parse_rs5file_header call, the asserts and change the filesize variable to the actual filesize instead of what it read from the header, or just hardcode the width & height as 4096x4096):

I believe that the developers must have produced the in-game map by script from that heightmap, because it is too exact to be otherwise (including the ink splotches representing very deep areas of the ocean, and the glitched square in the Ocean East of Rigel, that yes - is glitched in the game - search the forums for orbital launch site). Compare for yourself:

BTW, a little trivia - an earlier version of the game map used to tile, but the developers heavily edited it since then and it no longer does (for one, they had to sink some land masses into the Ocean that would have allowed the player to reach the edge of the map). If you try tiling it you can still see a couple of places where it still lines up.

If you need something even more detailed than that we would need to decode the terrain patches from the game file, but I'm not sure how much extra detail they actually have or if it is worth it (they would add texture details I think). We would need to decode these if we ever build a map editor for the game.
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Thanks DarkStarSword! I don't suppose you could help me out once more? I don't seem to know what I'm doing with the raw file.Tried to upload it to a few different image converters and they all came back saying the file format wasn't supported.

What I am looking for specifically is a map where the deepest parts of the ocean are black and the highest points of the island are in white. I'm looking for this specifically to import into software called WorldPainter. This will allow me to create a voxel based version of the island I can use in Minecraft. With that I could set the water level manually, and then start populating the world with custom foliage to match the game.

Alternatively one where the ocean level is just in black would work as well, but it would be nice to have some underwater detail in the map.

Any help would be appreciated! I'll probably upload the map for people to check out once I've finished recreating it.
How's this?

It's only an 8-bit image, so will have lost some resolution - if you need more let me know and I might see if I can figure out how to make a 32-bit TIFF. I scaled it so that a height of -216.0 became black and 227.0 became white, which seemed to cover everything except the launch platform (which I left in, but you might want to remove that before converting it - up to you). The sea level would therefore have a value of 124 in the image (the sea level is 0.0 in Miasmata).

If you wanted to use the raw file yourself you would need an editor capable of dealing with raw data, and you would have to tell it what format that data is in (4096 x 4096 x 32bit little endian floating point values). I don't know off hand what programs can do that
BTW I expect to see screenshots and possibly a youtube video if you get this working - it sounds like a pretty awesome project :-p
Wow thanks so much for the help! This looks pretty good so far, I can see all the lakes and roads coming out. I just have to figure out the right height scale to use, the map is a little too vertical. I'll document my progress and post some early screenshots later tonight :D
Psycho Sep 15 @ 2:11pm 
Hi, I work in GIS and I saw this done bringing a height map of the world into Minecraft[www.gislounge.com] a while ago. You need a DEM in the right raster format but I see the wise and all-knowing DarkStarSword has got you going there.

Generally speaking in a DEM the z-values should start at 0 (water level) and go to whatever the maximum height of the landscape is.

Here's a quick tutorial for importing maps and working with heightmaps in Minecraft[www.minecraftforum.net] and here's a video tutorial showing each step.

Please do publish your results it sounds very interesting, especially for the Miasmata community.
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