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Beat the game on day 2 at 8 pm before ever seeing the creature! (spoilers)
I never slept, I never bothered synthesizing stat boosters, just fever medicine and rarely a clarity potion when red shrooms etc were readily available. And pills were proving to be not quite enough by the early morning of day two, even scarfing down meds wasn't keeping the coughing and wooziness down (do you need sleep in this game? Or was I dying from exhaustion?).

But then I got the last flower, injected myself, and suddenly all the color came back. I made a beeline to the boat and got out right at 8 pm on the 2nd day. I'm sure someone out there has done it faster, but I feel *very* proud of myself. :D

Thank you to the amazing people who posted maps and wikia guides. I had forgotten some locations, and with the wiki I was able to make best guesses at directions and travel at night.

One final curious thing: no Whiskers. He/she never showed up. I wonder if this was random chance, or if the first arrival happens after you first sleep or take certain meds, or after the 2nd day... hmm. It's really cool that I beat the game without every encountering the beast, at least that I know of. Maybe I just ran past him at a distance, before hearing the drum beat, and never knew he'd been there. Poor little guy must feel so lonely.

Day 1: South to Carnivorous Pitcher Plant, East to Titan Plant, then all the way west (sometimes sticking to paths but not always) to grab the algae right at nightfall. Saved here. Then head north during the night. Got lost frequently and had to start over. Fever was a big problem despite stocking up on meds.

Day 2: Around err... midnight or so of day 1 or maybe 1am I'd found the statue river and the Bulbous Fruit Plant. Died once trying (drowned with fever), but loaded my save and did much better on my 2nd attempt. Headed East to drop off the plant and save, then headed north to camp Tau and northeast to the blue scaley mushroom. I actually found a blue mushroom very early by dumb luck, and just headed back to Tau. Saved at Tau before and after shrooms, and stocked up on fever meds. They didn't appear to be working much anymore, and I'd have coughing fits off and on for long periods of time before briefly clearing up; I pondered sleeping to see if that would fix it, but didn't want to risk breaking an amazing run only to learn it didn't work. Still not sure if it was exhaustion or sleep, but I tried popping lots of pills to no avail. That slowed me down a bit (making pills), but not a ton.

Now time to head south and then east for a very, very long run. It was still early morning, and by around 1 or 2pm or so (?) I'd made it to the top corner holding the Rainbow Orchid. Almost drowned getting to it, but then snatched it up, hopped across the pillars, and made a run for the nearest drop off point (expecting the creature to show up). Saved and headed south to Polaris for the cure. The world turned green! I often don't realize how sick I am and how gray everything has become until it's suddenly green again. :D

Now around 4 pm, so it's time to go due west with a passion. I was immortal now, so I just ran full-speed and tumbled down cliffs with impunity. I swam across the short gap separating the north-center peninsula from the northwest landmass, got a little lost heading too far south, and finally turned north-east and found the boat dropoff point. Huzzah! Swam the rest of the way, dove into the boat, checked the time, and grabbed the wheel.

What a busy two days! ^_^
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BenM64 Jul 10 @ 2:03am 
Hardly anyone got the Achievements for beating the game in such a short time! You should be proud of yourself!
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Psycho Jul 10 @ 2:06am 
If you don't sleep at all you get sicker and sicker until you die, probably from aggravating the disease. It's not very realistic but it's a game mechanic that enforces pseudo-reality on you.

Great work on your speed run, top effort!

Wazat1 Jul 11 @ 11:17am 
Thanks! I am very proud. This is my go-to game when I'm in a certain mood, and I normally take my time and wander around without guides. But this speed run was very, very satisfying. ^_^

Okay, now I know about sleep. I was wondering for a long time but didn't dare test it out. I'm kinda pleased that I got away with never resting... I guess I cured myself before it became lethal. Skipping rest probably boosted my time quite a bit; I forget how long a night's sleep lasts.
Aquatic Jul 11 @ 1:21pm 
Well done!
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