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Does any dev watch this forum anymore?
No response on my crash problem in bugs and glitches.
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They don't actively monitor the forum, but they are known to respond to email: bob@ionfx.com
Thank you, I'll make use of that.
Torgo Jul 15 @ 9:24pm 
It makes me a bit sad, looking at the IonFX twitter (dead since 2013) and the silence of the devs. Miasmata is one of the finest games I've ever played, there has been nothing like it before or since, and it blended all these genres together to produce something totally unique. I remember reading an article about the devs, two brothers, who built the game engine entirely from scratch: a feat that shows dedication and genius, something that probably less than 1% of game developers do these days.
I get the impression (I could be wrong) that Miasmata was a commercial failure, or perhaps it was simply viewed as such since IonFX has a background in developing mobile games (which probably make way more money). If anyone has checked out their other game on steam called Obulis (not to be mistaken with Oblitus, an cool but unrelated game) it's very simple and yet compelling; I picked it up because it came from the same dev and I can't believe how much enjoyment I've had with it, especially considering how simple the premise and the interface is. More evidence to show how this developer is something special.
Not sure what the point of my post here is. After playing Miasmata for the first time it blew my mind, I read a couple articles about the developers, heard about their passion and what they went through to get the game finished, and I assumed we'd see more groundbreaking masterpieces in the future. It feels almost like if Picasso had made one or two paintings and then decided to become a plumber instead, seems kind of sad. I check the abandoned IonFX website and the abandoned IonFX twitter once every couple months, secretly hoping that there will be a sudden announcement of a bizarre and innovative off-the-wall new game in development.
It has been too long, I think I'll play Miasmata today.
Well, they actually are working on another game that they hinted about a few times and
publically announced last year:

Development always takes longer than estimated (especially when they were clearly burned out after the last one, and who knows what has been happening in their personal lives), so have patience.

If you want a guestimate of how successful Miasmata may or may not have been, the closest measure we have is that steamspy estimates approximately 110,000 people own the game on Steam (keeping in mind that many of those would have bought the game on sale, and you need to subtract Valve's fees and consider how long the game was in development): http://steamspy.com/app/223510
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BenM64 Aug 3 @ 12:19pm 
Originally posted by DarkStarSword:
Development always takes longer than estimated (especially when they were clearly burned out after the last one, and who knows what has been happening in their personal lives), so have patience.
Trouble is, it's been ages since they last teased their next game. With the silent treatment between then and now, people probably can't help wondering whether they've bitten the dust by now. Considering how they haven't updated their website in years, I'm a little worried myself that they might've run out of funds…which they almost did when finishing up Miasmata.
If you're allowed to share any more details revealed after that last tease - heck, any info not yet revealed on the Discussions at all - please do; we'd love to know. (If not, then…fair enough.)

I still get the feeling that they might announce something at any moment. They might even be keeping it a secret until it's well and truly complete, maybe to surprise us.
(Come to think of it, maybe that's why they never replied when I asked them about Into Outland out of curiosity… Oh well.)
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I did get quite a bit more info about the game from Bob in private - I tried to check if it was ok to share it here, but didn't hear back (and I didn't push on that because I was being overworked at the time and on the verge of a major depressive breakdown which... well, that's complicated, off-topic and I've already posted about it extensively on other forums / facebook). I think it's probably ok to post it, so this was the status as of March last year:

Progress on the new game is slow and steady. Joe is working on the
physics system now. We've decided that physics-based ropes/chains are
going to be a big component of the game. You're going to be able to tie
ropes around objects and use them to rappel, or create simple machines
like a block and tackle in order to manipulate large and heavy objects.
Our hope is that we'll have enough variety and complexity in the
mechanics that player can invent their own solutions to a given problem.
We want to avoid contrived scenarios.

The graphics engine and terrain rendering is still a work in progress,
so until Joe shifts his focus back to that, we won't have anything too
pretty to show off. The friend/family reveal has yet to materialize for
this reason. Though in fairness to Joe, that was more my milestone than
his. :)

My work has been pretty interesting. I have been focusing on the main
character's animation as of late, but now that the snow has melted here,
I have returned to photographing the woods around me. For this game, I'm
using photogrammetry to scan tree trunks, logs, rocks, etc. I am also
capturing the forest floor in this way, and we'll incorporate that data
into the terrain. I think it will look amazing when it all starts to
come together! My wife and I are planning a trip to Yellowstone and
Badlands this summer, so I'm excited to capture some interesting rock
detail to incorporate into the game.

Hope all is well with you! Thanks again!

Worth keeping in mind that any of this is subject to change of course!
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This was from an email Bob sent me in 2015 where he mentioned the leaves in the game (for context - we were talking about the nvidia 3D Vision modding I do):
We'd love to give you access to the game to let you do your magic! We'll
talk specifics down the road so we can figure out what that looks like.
We're designing trees in the game to have individually modeled and
animated leaves, which I think will pop in 3d, so it'd be great to have
that working out of the box!
BenM64 Aug 3 @ 2:40pm 
Whoa! Fascinating! Thank you very much for sharing!
All of a sudden, the focus on physics mentioned in that other Discussion became a lot clearer to me.

I was concerned at first that the game's focus on physics, combined with the climbing mechanic mentioned in an interview, would make it look too similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (y'know, flinging boulders down a hill with the Sheikah Slate's runes, Link's cliff-scaling feats, etc.).
But if what Bob said in that first email is true for the final release, the game might not be as suspiciously similar as I thought after all.

Now that I think about it, maybe the ropes and chains could be tweaked into a grappling hook of some sort? Boy, would I love to try that!

Man… If the "much more vertical" world turns out to be exactly like that picture seen in another interview with Bob[assets.sbnation.com]… Imagine the excitement! It'd be perfect for the new climbing mechanic, whatever it is!

Again, thank you for sharing those details; they filled loads of gaps in my knowledge!
I wonder how close the game is to a reveal at this point…
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