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BenM64 May 12, 2017 @ 2:58pm
Xbox One version?
I reckon Miasmata could be brought to the Xbox One.
Miasmata needs all the attention and exposure it can get; despite how marvellous the game is, it might not be able to achieve its potential popularity if it's only available on one platform - the PC - let alone with how little publicity it's been recieving as of late. Bringing Miasmata to another platform can surely increase its audience by a good chunk. The Xbox One may be the best for the job.

The Xbox One supports DirectX, which Miasmata's engine was almost entirely written with. Because of that - and considering that the Xbox One is really just a budget PC in a box anyway - it should be relatively easy to adapt it, right? (Neither the PS4, nor the Wii U, support DirectX natively, ruling them both out.)
It'll also be easier to optimise for a single set of hardware specs. The problem with Miasmata's wildly-variable performance between different PCs (where one rig may run smoothly but have issues with sound, whereas another rig would crash due to difficulties elsewhere, etc.) would be pretty much nullified on console, since the developers need only focus on getting the game working on uniform console hardware. It should make it easy to iron out any remaining technical issues.

Just an idea of mine, mind you. I understand that Bob and Joe are busy making their next game (I'm looking forward to it for sure!), but I felt I should post this as a suggestion just in case they decide to pop in on the community.

(This may turn out to be the stupidest idea in the Discussions, but I felt I should share it regardless.)
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Psycho May 12, 2017 @ 6:51pm 
afaik there are no plans to do further work on Miasmata or migrate it to other platforms.
BenM64 May 13, 2017 @ 12:53am 
Not right now, there aren't.
Like I said, the Johnson brothers may be too busy with their next game to improve Miasmata…at the moment.

Just something to consider in the long-run. I can totally see Miasmata working on a DirectX-based console.

But yeah, they should focus on the new game first.
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