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by Perceval
This Guide is for found Server on Brink Ce manuel est pour trouver des serveurs sur Brink...
BRINK Abilities Guide
by Dog
A compendium of class abilities in BRINK with an examination of their strengths, weaknesses, applications, and interactions....
BRINK Knowledge
by Ni†oXo†iИ
My BRINK knowledge, that i have collected in over 500 hours. This guide is about the Chat, Parkour, Console and Commands....
Enhance the Graphic [ReShade]
by Ni†oXo†iИ
With the post-processing shader tool "ReShade" you can enhance the graphic of a game. I made an effect preset for BRINK, that makes the game sharper, darker on edges and saturated. Toggle the effect with F11....
easy xp
by ☆Tsumiki Miniwa☆
honestly i came upon this while doing a 1 v 1 practice by accident. im not sure if this was made already and this is my first guide...