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Toploader  [developer] Nov 4, 2012 @ 4:28am
The free keys thread, those that are entitled.

Due to the massive numbers of people that own the game, and my limited time, only the following people will automatically get a key should we be able to give them out:

-Anyone that already has the game on Desura, or those that get it from there in the future (seems the Desura guys can help to automate this). This includes gifted copies, ect. Desura P2 owners will all automatically get E-mailed a key I think, I have NO idea when yet, but I will update this thread when we know!.

-Anyone that regularly posts on the forums and can prove ownership. I've started a thread for regular forum members to make a claim.

-Anyone that took part in our promotion on Greenlight when it was running. As was made clear at the time, you needed to have posted your links IN the below discussion thread. I have a list of all that did which hotlinks back to their community pages, done in a rough priority order depending on how much promotion they attempted, I'll work through it in the days and weeks after it's released on Steam.

This will be a kinda long process as I have to add each member as a friend and then manually contact them, so please be patient.

If you got the game from retail, GoG or the RWS store, I have no way of automating a free key, and it would take me literally months to respond to individual requests, and this is time I'd rather invest in to supporting the game. So if you are really keen to get a free Steam key, your best bet is to become a regular community member on the RWS forums.

Or you could just throw down the few bucks it will cost to buy it :) Think of it as a donation to the future of POSTAL with RWS making sure we develop the game inhouse.

Thanks everyone!
POSTAL 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: Nov 4, 2012 @ 4:28am
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